Houseboating on the Shuswap!
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About Shuswap Lake

The Shuswap has become a houseboating heaven – a place where romantic couples, families and friends can experience the vacation of a lifetime.

Whether you are looking for a private get away or a trip filled with laughter and company, a houseboating holiday is an incredible journey with water recreation and fishing right at your door.

The Shuswap Lake, which includes 26 provincial & marine parks, is set in a glacier valley carved among the rugged wilderness of British Columbia. Much of the area is accessible only by water leaving nature as it was many years ago. Shaped like an H it’s made up of four large arms all of which converge at the Cinnemousin Narrows. The Shuswap is an all natural, very deep lake, but still warms up to about 23C/75F in July and August. It stays fairly calm making it one of the most favoured lakes in BC for all types of water recreational activities. Storms can blow in but they are rare and do not usually last very long.

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